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March 5, 2024

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Top 10: The Art of Architecture

The Most Amazing Bridges

Each one of the bridges included in this episode is in some way unique, and not just from an architectural point of view. Architectual construction and geographic variety were the most important criteria in the final selection of these top ten most amazing bridges in the world. It is no coincidence that bridges are the symbol of advancing progress not only in design, but also in technology.




Top 10: The Art of Architecture

The Most Famous Transport Megastructures

This episode will focus on modern miracles in the building industry and the superhuman abilities of modern technology from all around the world. The connecting topic of all these constructions will be transport – the designs of highway systems, canals, tunnels, and railways connecting incredible distances in incredibly inhospitable conditions.




Top 10: The Art of Architecture

The Most Famous Museums and Galleries

This episode showcases very popular destinations for tourists and art lovers and also shrines protecting human heritage. Which of them immediately attract our attention because of their architecture, design, and construction? Which museums and galleries belong to the technologically most progressive and at the same time most beautiful buildings?




Top 10: The Art of Architecture

The Most Famous TV Towers and Transmitters

Television towers and transmitter stations are often iconic landmarks of metropolises. They are often also the tallest buildings in the city. Which ten television towers belong to the best in the world? Which are the tallest, and how difficult was it to build these hundreds-of-meters-tall giants without them posing a threat to the city?




Top 10: The Art of Architecture

The Most Amazing Stadiums

Sports stadiums are globally recognized as very attractive architectural treasures. Our top ten makes it clear that the most fantastic stadiums are not only for soccer or baseball, but also for swimming or athletics. The architects of these gems knew that the design had to be unique and monumental. Not for nothing are stadiums compared to shrines and cathedrals.




Top 10: The Art of Architecture

Monuments and Memorials

They commemorate events, great personalities, ideas, faith, and hope. This was the reason why at many places there appeared monuments and statues, whose creators were inspired by an effort to lend an object or place uniquesness and immortality. Such works are often undisputed symbols of their city and extremely appealing tourist attractions.




Top 10: The Art of Architecture

City Squares

These spaces were created naturally throughout different cultural and historical periods and might represent the most changeable elements among works of architecture. City squares frequently undergo great changes. Nevertheless, in our top ten most amazing squares, we include those whose structure or tradition have prevented any fundamental changes.




Top 10: The Art of Architecture

Parks and Gardens

These 10 parks and botanical gardens around the world show off the beauty of cultivated nature. Representing a fusion of the wild, untamed natural world and the architectural genius of humans, these parks are the closest to paradise that we can craft with our own hands.