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October 4, 2022

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Win Lose or Fail

Step Outside

You'll find a world at your feet, challenges to conquer and animals to befriend... when you step outside! A massive swarm of 10,000 bees threatens a family - one man has the expertise and courage to save them! A silent assassin - a powerful, invisible rip current - drags a helpless diver hundreds of feet into the ocean's murky depths. A skier falls through ice and her body temperature drops 40 degrees below normal. Will she survive?




Win Lose or Fail

Roll Up Your Sleeves

There are some jobs you can do in your sleep, but when there's serious work to do, you need to roll up your sleeves and put your nose to the grindstone. There's nothing better than the freedom of an RV on the open road... and nothing worse than cleaning out its septic tank. A giant catapult hurls deadly projectiles at enemies hundreds of yards away. A lone woman yanks an enormous catfish out of the deepest recesses of a river cave.




Win Lose or Fail

Get Your Hands Dirty

Nobody ever said life would be easy, but real men love a challenge. When things get messy, you need to buck up, dig in and get your hands dirty. When unsuspecting roofers pull the tiles off an old roof, thousands of crazed bats pour out. A super-powerful pressure washer destroys the interior of a car. When a family loads their moving truck the wrong way, hundreds of dollars' worth of fragile heirlooms fall out and crash onto the street.




Win Lose or Fail

Don't Screw Up

Let's face it. Most of the time, you can get away with just about anything. But when it comes to the things you can't afford to do wrong we'll help make sure you... don't screw up! An emergency landing in a forest full of trees shears off a plane's wings and tail - does the pilot survive? A nail gun drives a nail deep into a construction worker's wrist... what he does next is shocking! When a grill chef gets careless with his lighter fluid, a barbecue erupts in a massive explosion!




Win Lose or Fail

Man vs. Nature

When dealing with Mother Nature, there are times when Man wins, and times when he doesn't. A diver fights off a Great White Shark, a lumberjack chainsaws a forest and a guy with a knife and a toaster finds out just how powerful electricity can be.




Win Lose or Fail

How to Be a Man

It's not easy being a guy. We need all the help we can get. Some of us more than others. Find out how to throw a punch and a knife, save your life by avoiding a grizzly bear attack and impress your friends by operating heavy equipment with the skills of a surgeon!




Win Lose or Fail

Ultimate Man Skills

They teach you a lot of things in school. But not how to be a man. Find out how to be an expert skeet shooter. How to drive an off-road racer and most important make sure you know how not to turn your Thanksgiving turkey into an exploding ball of fire.




Win Lose or Fail

Safe and Sound

The world can be a dangerous place. Danger lurks all over, inside and out. That's why you've got to stay safe and sound. A burning car careens out of control, a couple on the beach nearly get fried by a bolt of lightning, and a scrappy girl knocks out a big guy with a wicked chokehold!




Your Bleeped Up Brain


The death of Adolf Hitler; a Bible that promotes adultery, and the brilliant disguises of desperate British sailors--what do these stories have in common? They all hinge on secrets hidden deep inside the human brain. the fact is that history is riddled with examples of people being fooled by simple tricks designed to confuse the human brain. the question is why do they work and why do we keep falling for similar deceptions? In this hour, we'll find out why our brains are so easily fooled by simple tricks of vision, and how these tricks have been used throughout time to change the course of history.




Your Bleeped Up Brain


People often believe their memory is a perfect record of the events they have experienced. the reality is that human memory is not as good as we think and can sometimes lead to unusual consequences. How much can any of us really trust our memories? It turns out that when it comes to remembering any event, no matter how mundane or how monumental, our ability to recall the past is distorted. In this episode, we'll investigate the story of Lizzie Borden, an ax murderer, an alien abduction and the traumatic events of 9/11 to reveal the secrets of human memory. By end of the show, see how much better you will be at remembering the past.




Your Bleeped Up Brain


Vampires, ghosts and witches are all part of superstitions that thrive deep within our brains. Ever wonder why so many people believe in superstitions? To find out, we investigate how our minds make connections, spot patterns and attempt to see into the future. By scouring ancient stories of conspiracies and superstitions we will reveal just what our brains are trying to do and how we are hard wired to fall prey to all kinds of superstitions.




Your Bleeped Up Brain

Fact vs. Fiction

We trust our brains to decide what is true or false every day; whether it something we see on TV, read on the internet, or hear from a friend. Most of the time we generally think we get things right; but the truth might be different. It seems most of us are not as good as we think when it comes to separating fact from fiction. From the Loch Ness monster, to the Moon Landing, and even alien life on Mars: a good story can make us believe almost anything. In this episode, we'll explore how our brains separate fact from fiction. Using a combination of magic tricks, psychological experiments, and stories from history, we'll learn how and why our brain gets it wrong, and learn a few tricks to help you better separate fact from fiction in your daily life.