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April 22, 2024

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Hero Ships

USS Texas

A technical and historical thumbnail of the US Navy from 1912 through 1945, the USS Texas fought in some of the most horrendous naval battles of the 20th century, including D-Day Normandy, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Today she's been renovated and set up as floating museum in LaPorte, TX, a glorious reminder of two great wars.




Hero Ships

USS Yorktown

Two hero ships bearing the same great name; the original, CV-5, was a martyred hero of the war's two turning-point battles, the Coral Sea and Midway. Her successor, CV-10 went on to avenge her destroyed namesake through all the rest of WW II in every significant assault on the Japanese-held island fortresses.




Hero Ships

USS New Jersey

America's most decorated surviving warship, the USS New Jersey has fought in more battles than any other fighting ship in US naval history. From WWII, to Korea and Vietnam, Lebanon and Syria, the USS New Jersey was on the front lines, lending support in every major engagement. This episode includes the emotionally stirring first reunion in three decades of two shipmates who served together on the USS New Jersey during Vietnam.




Hero Ships

USS Enterprise

The original Enterprise, CV-6, gained immortality as "The Fighting Lady" of WWII. A dwarf among modern carrier, the "Big E" was a main target of the Japanese at Pearl Harbor and barely away at sea when the blow fell. Miraculously spared, she became the war-long leader of America's naval counterattack, playing key roles in decisive battles of the war. Despite her glorious past she is sent to the scrap yard, but redemption comes in 1957 with the launching of CVN-65, her great namesake and the world's first nuclear-powered carrier. From then until now Enterprise has been a mainstay of American strength and today she remains on the high seas in the front lines of American's military engagements.




Hero Ships

USS Laffey

The USS Laffey was in reality two great vessels with the same name--the first, DD-459, fought to the death in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in November 1942. the second, DD-724, was at the center of World War II's most intensely brutal kamikaze attack, where it earned the nickname "The Ship that Would Not Die." However, the crew casualties were high: over 30 perished and another 70 were wounded.




Hero Ships

USS Constitution

Also known as "Old Ironsides," the USS Constitution holds steady as one of the U.S. Navy's most powerful accomplishments in craftsmanship and endurance. It is one of the six original frigates authorized for construction by the Navy Act of 1794, and today still remains afloat, serving as a training facility for the Navy's CPO.




Hero Ships

USS New York

This episode reveals how the latest ship to be named USS New York is assembled; an Amphibious Dock Ship, and one of the most technologically advanced vessels in America's arsenal, reinforced with steel from the World Trade Centers. Its predecessor, the battleship New York, born in 1911, was present during the German High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flo in 1918. Later modernized, it fought a two ocean war in World War II.




Hero Ships

USS Arizona

Although the Arizona fought only minutes in the battle in which she died, her afterlife as a tragic symbol epitomizes American naval sacrifice and courage. She is a national cemetery as a well as a national monument, with 900 of her December 7th crew entombed within her. As a special honor, survivors of the Pearl Harbor fleet are entitled to have their ashes buried within Arizona's ruins. Travel back to the ship for a final reunion with the last of her survivors and witness the entombing of a deceased survivor on the ship. Here her valiant story of fighting against insurmountable odds as we also take witness to her heroic past highlights and recent discoveries.